It is small rubber granules that are mixed on site with a specially formulated resin, poured in place and troweled to accommodate the surface substrate.

This product is used on any surface that needs a permanent, non-slip, resilient surface. It creates a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing surface for any deck, wet or dry.

There are usually two installers and one mixer on site depending on the size of the installation. The rubber granules arrive in bags and the resin in buckets. It is then mixed and troweled on ¼ in thick.

This type of rubber surfacing is usable after a 24 to 48 hours drying period in most conditions.

It is a non-slip porous surface even when wet

It comes in many single colors with custom mixes also available. See the choices in ORDER NOW

It can be installed on most solid substrates such as concrete, asphalt, wood, aluminum and steel. It can also be installed on compacted crushed stone for creating swimming pool decks.

Rubberroc material is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

This material has been proven to cope with the harshest environment including the scorching deserts of Arizona and the harsh winters of Canada.

It is cooler than concrete and asphalt in the heat of summer because the pores trap moisture and create airflow that helps retain its low surface temperature. Because of the nature of rubber it does not absorb heat or cold like cement or rock products do.

This material has been designed and thoroughly tested to remain stable in all weather conditions.

  1. 55 lbs bag(s) of colored rubber bits
  2. 5 gal pail(s) of binder
  3. mixing and application instructions

  • wheel barrow
  • shove to mix
  • gloves
  • trowels
  • paint brushes
  • measuring container (eg.  juice jugs with at least quart markings)
  • box knife (to open bags; cut straight lines for seams
  • mineral spirits for cleanup
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